How to help a raccoon out of a dumpster

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Researchers say raccoons are intelligent and have”thoughts” and can solve problems. This gives them a human-like quality of interest. This abundant curiosity that raccoons have can sometimes get them into trouble. When raccoons are searching for food, they’ll try their hardest to reach any point necessary, or gain entrance into an area they believe holds tasty food scraps.
Often times, dumpsters are a favorite selection for wild raccoons on the search for a fast dinner. They are excellent at gaining entry into dumpsters, but raccoons aren’t very good at building a dependable escape route. This is the reason why so many are found trapped or isolated in empty dumpsters and large garbage receptacles.
They end up in these predicaments since dumpsters are not always full. And even though coons recall certain dumpsters they have raided in the past without any issue of exiting, these dumpsters are occasionally less-full or empty the next time they come around for meals. And they certainly don’t think before diving right in!
What to Do
When you see one stuck in a dumpster, don’t panic. They can not hurt you because they can’t even reach you! In fact, they are probably very scared and confused. You can anticipate the coon to hide in the corner with its nose pressed into the wall, or to ruffle their chest fur and hide their face inside. They nearly behave in a manner that indicates they are embarrassed or ashamed.
To aid a raccoon stuck in a dumpster, simply find something to put inside the receptacle that the creature can use to climb out. Make certain to keep your distance once you put the item in the garbage, and also be careful not to hit or harm the raccoon. Raccoons have great advantage and can jump quite well, so if a dumpster is four feet deep, you will only need an item 2 feet tall or more to help the raccoon.
Try items like a milk crate, sturdy box, a wooden 2×4, a large tree branch, and even a few full bags of garbage. Open the lid on the other side of the coon, put these items right next to the side of the receptacle, and then walk away calmly but quickly. If you remain nearby, the animal may not attempt an escape, or could possible strike you out of fear. An attack is not likely, but it’s very important to protect yourself no matter what the circumstance might be.

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