Should you own a gun?

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Nowadays, all you’ve got to do is turn on the news to hear about riots and terrorist attacks on civilians all over the world. The world is seemingly headed for chaos.

This is just one of the reasons that guns are a necessity in today’s society. Interested in learning more about the remainder? Have a look at the 5 TOP Reasons Why You Should Carry a Gun:

5. It is your right

The 2nd Amendment states that each American citizen has the right to carry a firearm to protect his or her nearest and dearest from tyrants and in times of emergency. This was included in the Bill of Rights because the founding fathers saw the harm that could occur if responsible law abiding American citizens were unable to protect themselves.

4. “For those looking for safety, be forewarned that there is nothing more insecure than a political promise” – Harry Browne

While the Right and the Left argue over the minutiae in our gun laws or propose new gun laws, mass shootings are occurring all of the time and ordinary citizens are scared to leave their houses. While carrying may seem like a declaration of where you stand politically, it doesn’t alter the fact that self-protection is essential during these times, no matter your political views.

Still not convinced? Consider this – if someone tries to break into your home, how will you protect your loved ones? While it’s true you could call 911, there is no guarantee that the government will arrive on time. Possessing a gun at your disposal are able to keep the bad guys at bay(and perhaps even frighten them away.

3. Random acts of unspeakable violence are becoming more commonplace

The world today is radically different than it had been a few decades today. Stories about ISIS, mass shootings, and riots are constantly on the news, shedding light on how violent the world we live in really is. You never know where or when something bad will happen, carrying a gun can allow you to fight back against those people who are trying to terrorize you.

2. To protect you and your loved ones from harm

No matter how much our families can infuriate us, we love them unconditionally. Thus, we must do what we can to keep them protected against those who might wish harm upon them. There are a variety of approaches to go about this, but a gun in your hand significantly increases your ability to protect you and your loved ones.

1. Help you even the odds

Criminals are constantly on the lookout for simple prey. So, if you’re disabled, elderly, sick, or injured, you should know that bad guys consider you to be the ideal target. Happily, carrying a firearm to protect yourself makes your issues moot and places you on even keel with the bad guys.

If you decide to carry a firearm, it is crucial that you take a firearms safety program and/or learn how to use your firearm in a self-defense scenarios. There are far too many irresponsible gun owners who put their own lives and the lives of their loved ones at risk because they didn’t take gun training and safety seriously.

Additional considerations include:

** Treat all firearms as if they are loaded

** Don’t point the muzzle at anything you do not intend on shooting

** Your finger should only be on the trigger if your sights are on the target and you are ready to fire

** Confirm your target along with anything or anyone that may be about it

** To be an accurate shooter you’ll have to learn firearm presentations, sight alignment, trigger disciple, and follow through.

The Bottom Line

No amount of political interference will keep guns out of the hands of the bad guys and we will need to protect ourselves. This can be easily achieved with a firearm, sometimes the very of a gun is enough to scare off the bad men. But before you decide to go out and purchase one of you own, it’s important to be aware that shooting a gun correctly takes discipline and constant practice. If you choose to wear a firearm, do so responsibly just like the folks at New York City Raccoon Removal.

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