Flamingo Gardens

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Davie Florida is a quaint, Live Oak Wildlife Removal themed town with epic drainage issues. It was founded on land that was mostly submerged, and they have been struggling to reverse that situation ever since. The upside to this unfortunate circumstance is that Davie features easy access to Florida’s Everglades, some of the most spectacular wetlands in America. The city of Davie has some very nice amenities and destinations (Davie is where you’ll find the training facilities of the Miami Dolphins!) , but I need to say that the most compelling reason to see Davie is the Flamingo Gardens – an amazing wildlife preserve where you can discover ibises, storks, herons, flamingos (naturally), and other birds frolicking amongst the rich and varied vegetation, all while trying to avoid being devoured by alligators.

Strictly speaking, Flamingo Gardens is a wildlife refuge, aviary, and botanical garden. It started as the private collection of one Floyd L. Wray in 1933 as a small collection of subtropical trees and shrubs, and, over time, grew to the magnificent state it is in today. Upon entering, you can take a fascinating guided tram-ride through a portion of the park (though it ought to be noted that they appear to concentrate more on the flora compared to the fauna). You can also witness the wildlife encounter series, where the guides work with hawks, snakes, and other creatures. The series is long enough to spotlight some really interesting things, but short enough that you don’t drop interest – I would highly recommend it. There are also habitats for river otters and bobcats, and of course the colossal, free-flight aviary that has among the largest displays of wading birds in North America.

Davie’s soggy surroundings might make for interesting issues for a town, but they are certainly ideal for a wildlife preserve in Florida. Flamingo Gardens is well worth the trip, and could also be an ideal place for birthday parties (perhaps for that special botanist or ornithologist?) Millenium Limo would be delighted to supply a limo to take you to the Gardens – just imagine the birds’ looks of shock when a hummer limo pulls up. Have fun, and DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS.

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